Watching the speech on NBC. Early glitches, all fine now.

9:04 – Still flickering screen, I can’t figure out this blogging platform, its keeping me from listening attentively.

9:05 – Doubt the tribal leaders Bush met at Labor Day are at all representative of the people. That was such a controlled event. Still poor feed, switching to some other network.

9:07 – ABC has poor audio. Glad Bush is mentioning the other parts of Iraq not just Anbar. Ordinary life is returning to Iraq. Admittedly, I don’t know much about domestic life in Baathist Iraq, but I’m guessing people were not afraid that there children would be kidnapped on the way to school.

9:08 – Just three decades of living in tyranny is what is causing the divide in Iraq. Is the administration trying to show its incompetence?

9:09 – No flickering screen here at ABC, but the video is less sharp. I believe NBC said they were in High Definition.

9:10 – Finally the real topic at hand, troop reductions.

9:11 – I’m running low on Punkin Ale.

9: 12 – “Return on success”. Erm

9: 13 – A free Iraq is key to America’s freedom. Yes I guess so. Saudi Arabia is free but it doesn’t make America safer. Likewise for Pakistan. The rest of what he says, it will fight al-Qaeda &c. is not a guaranteed.

9:14 – A US withdrawal would not embolden al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda has suffered almost, if not more, than we have in Iraq.

9:15 – You must demand your leaders make the tough choices for freedom. This is an excellent line to help Iraqi leaders you know, govern.

9:17 – The administration is recognizing the UN? What a night!

9:18 – This speech is hardly believable or inspiring. I honestly feel that if President Bush were standing (and not reading an email off a sheet of paper) it would carry more weight.

9:19 – Color me nonplussed. A lightweight speech.

9:20 – What I took away from the speech was that it was an address mainly directed at legislators. Bush ensured that no troop withdrawals will pass in congress tonight with his rhetoric. So in that regards, it was well done. But in terms of speaking to Americans, there was no resonance. I’m only halfway listening to the Democratic response. It sounds forceful though.

9:22 – I think that after this there will be more GOP unity in congress than there was before tonight. Its always amazing that a politically dangerous can still command so much within the party.

9:24 – You know, I say that I was thoroughly unimpressed but I can’t stop thinking about how forcefully Bush made it known that he will control troop levels and no one else.

9:28 – I wanted to have my opinion changed about the surge and progress in Iraq, but I’m not swayed at all.

9:30 – Yes the address is over, and I guess I’m just liveblogging my thoughts now. I still believe in the mission in Iraq. I still think we should have gone in. I am still infuriated at the level of absolute incompetence that this administration showed in handling the war. Perhaps that is why I believe almost nothing the White House says about Iraq.


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