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Quote of the Day

So does this mean Mitt won’t be the Republican nominee?

“I don’t think the Republican Party will choose a pro-choice, pro-gay civil union candidate to lead our party”.

Mitt Romney after Rudy Giuliani was endorsed by nutjob Pat Robertson.


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NaBloPoMo, what is it? One is supposed to write a blog post everyday for November. Well, I just found out about it today.

Who knows what will come of this, maybe it will be the genesis of regular posting, perhaps just a cathartic release.

I guess a decent point to begin, if there is one, is to navel gaze and wonder why I haven’t blogged regularly.

My detractors would no doubt owe it to the fact that my ideas are not worth listening to.

And to an extent I would agree. Well, I will say that I have wanted to write about several things. But most of what I have started to write has been too short, if one were to ask me, to warrant a full post.

What has been on my mind?

Some sporting event in France wrapped up. I wish to not discuss what happened actually.

The Parrot wants to take the helm of the Wallabies. What an unmitigated disaster that would be. Granted he had some–fine, great success–coaching the Aussies in the ’80s, but I think he is just too far removed from the game to be any good.

While we are on the subject, John Connoly was not a bad coach. I mean, coming in after Eddie Jones, who wouldn’t look spectacular. But the way he helped guide Berrick Barnes shows that he was an exceptional coach for the green and gold.

The Baggy Green continue to look amazing and with no sign of letting up in the future. Lee and MacGill will at least get to a similar level of McGrath and Warnie. Maybe not as good, but at least they will be mentioned in the same breath, mark my words.

Who will stop the Patriots? No one.

I recently began watching onto Law and Order, I see why it is so popular.

I Can Has Cheezburger is amazingly addictive, and surprisingly it never fails to leave me laughing.

On a recent trip outside of Georgia, I acquired some Three Floyd’s. I am giddy with anticipation.

The latest edition of Utopias was released. Any reactions?

Oh the food blogs I have discovered recently. So Good, Amateur Gourmet, Apartment Therapy:Kitchen (my personal favorite).

I’ve made several wonderful dishes lately. Many courtesy of Mark Bittman who, if one were to ask me, can do no wrong (remember the no knead bread?).

Adesnik is making sure everyone knows who he supports for President. Hint: It’s not Giuliani.

We had some elections. Who says your vote doesn’t count? My sympathies to both Bull Moose and drjay. Of all the regular commentors on Peach Pundit, you are two of my favorites.

Speaker Richardson’s plan does not appear to be as popular as we were told to believe. If anyone wishes to challenge him for re-election, I would gladly donate money to his or her campaign. Likewise to the Republican who dares to remove him from the role of Speaker of the House.

Of course, most egregiously in the world of Georgia politics, Paul Broun, still not sworn in.

I am of the belief that it does not matter how much a country supports us in the War on Terror, if said country is doing plenty to promote unrest and the creation of terrorists within its borders.

What has been quite disturbing for me recently, is that I have not read many books lately. I picked up a Man in Full a few months ago and found it entertaining and enjoyable but I can’t seem to stick with it. Could it be that Tom Wolfe might change his characters names’ and stories, but essentially writes the same book every time?

Speaking of reading, the New York Times ended their $elect service. I enjoyed it but clearly not enough other people did. Does this show how newspapers will have to adapt business models on the web?

Too much classical music news to begin, too many jazz musicians dying including one of my favorites.  I will be going to watch this and I am quite excited. Oh, and Jazz in 3/4 Time is an album no household should be without. I say that with only minimal hyperbole.

All this without going into (too much depth) what I’ve read on blogs.

These next few days shall be interesting to say the least. I believe “interesting” is the correct word.

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